Fariba Massah
Software Engineer
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Fariba has been coding since the age of eleven, when she made her first website.

Now she does big girl, fullstack web apps.


Podcast web application


Word game web application


Event finding mobile application


  • 2010

    Fariba graduates from The Ohio State University

    with a B.S. in Microbiology and B.A. in French

  • 2010

    Fariba goes to Paris

    and becomes an Teaching Assistant through TAPIF, teaching all the little French kids how to parler anglais

  • 2012

    Fariba lands in the music business

    after being promoted to Assistant Music Promoter at The Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C.

  • 2013

    Fariba makes it in the Big Apple

    as the Marketing Associate and later Assistant Talent Buyer for B.B. King Blues Club, Highline Ballroom, and Howard Theatre

  • 2015

    Fariba reconnects with her roots

    spending some quality time with the family in Iran and dabbling with Python, Java, and Ruby in her spare moments

  • 2017

    Fariba gets into App Academy

    a top coding school with a less than 5% acceptance rate

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